Archipelago Sea and the Sea of Åland

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Archipelago Sea and the Sea of Åland

The Sea of Åland and the Archipelago Sea are located between the southwest coast of Finland in the east, and the Swedish coastline in the west. The Archipelago Sea is a shallow marine area with an average depth of only 23 m.

The Archipelago Sea has more islands than are found anywhere else in Europe, and the nature in the area is extremely versatile, varying from rugged rocky islets to lush coastline groves and well-maintained heritage landscapes.

With its changing terrains, the area of the Archipelago Sea also features many types of underwater habitats, making underwater nature in the area highly versatile. Due to its shallowness and maze-like surfaces, the water in the Archipelago Sea changes very slowly. As a result of excessive nutrient loads, the Archipelago Sea has eutrophicated. Agriculture alongside rivers is one of the major sources generating a load in the Archipelago Sea – the large rivers of Southwest Finland, such as Paimionjoki, Halikonjoki, Uskelanjoki and the Aura River, all flow into the Archipelago Sea. The John Nurminen Foundation’s Local Fishing Project seeks to improve the status of the Archipelago Sea by removing a significant amount of nutrients from the sea by fishing cyprinid fish. At the same time, project activities aim at producing ethical, local food and increasing its popularity.

The Archipelago Sea is the pearl of the Finnish coastline, and its well-being is first and foremost in our own hands.


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Information about the page

This page is a symbolic indication of how, with the help of the John Nurminen Foundation, the Baltic Sea and its cultural heritage is being conserved. The decrease in nutrient emissions affects the entire area of the Baltic Sea, and your donation cannot be specifically targeted only to your chosen spot to improve water quality. Our cultural heritage work also covers the entire scope of the Baltic Sea. Our wish is to raise awareness about the Baltic Sea’s unique qualities and history to as large an audience as possible, so that people can learn to value and conserve our beloved sea.

In addition, we vow that our work is driven by substantial results and effectiveness. We are unaffiliated: our work is driven solely by the desire to conserve the Baltic Sea.

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