Western Gotland Basin

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Western Gotland Basin

The Western Gotland Basin is located west of the Gotland island. In the west, it reaches mainland Sweden, and in the south the island of Öland. Between Lithuania and Sweden, within the Western Gotland Basin, lies Landsort deep, which at 459 m is the deepest point of the Baltic Sea.

The water in the depths is heavy and salty, and, because of the permanent stratification of waters in the Baltic Sea, it does not get mixed much. The narrow and shallow straits of Denmark are the only marine connection from the Baltic to the North Sea, and water inflows through them are also very slow. It has been calculated that it takes roughly 30 years for the entire water mass of the Baltic Sea to change. As a result of eutrophication, the deeps of the Baltic Sea suffer from chronic oxygen depletion, and there are vast areas of anoxic, dead seabed.

The oxygen status of the deeps of the Baltic Sea improves from time to time when large volumes of salty, oxygen-rich ocean water flow through the straits. These saline pulses require particular weather conditions, and do actually happen only approximately once a decade.


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This page is a symbolic indication of how, with the help of the John Nurminen Foundation, the Baltic Sea and its cultural heritage is being conserved. The decrease in nutrient emissions affects the entire area of the Baltic Sea, and your donation cannot be specifically targeted only to your chosen spot to improve water quality. Our cultural heritage work also covers the entire scope of the Baltic Sea. Our wish is to raise awareness about the Baltic Sea’s unique qualities and history to as large an audience as possible, so that people can learn to value and conserve our beloved sea.

In addition, we vow that our work is driven by substantial results and effectiveness. We are unaffiliated: our work is driven solely by the desire to conserve the Baltic Sea.

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