John Nurminen Foundation

John Nurminen Foundation

Our objective is to conserve the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations. We realise productive and concrete conservation operations concerning the Baltic Sea, and make sure that the stories of the sea are passed on to future generations.

Every one involved with our foundation shares a love of the sea as well as a strong belief that nothing is impossible. Our work is driven by substantial results and effectiveness. We are unaffiliated: our work is driven solely by the desire to conserve the Baltic Sea.

One of the biggest problems facing the Baltic Sea is eutrophication. Eutrophication is caused by the excessive load of phosphorus and nitrogen on the sea. Although the emissions of nutrients that cause eutrophication have decreased recently, the visible signs of eutrophication, such as blue-green algae, cloudy water, slimy beaches as well as the deoxidisation of bottom areas, still affect the Baltic Sea. The effects of global warming are accelerating the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea more than ever.

We are doing work with concrete results for the preservation of the Baltic Sea and for the reduction of eutrophication. In our Clean Baltic Sea projects, the condition of the Baltic Sea is being improved by reducing the nutrient load and environmental risks facing the sea. Our objective is to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea, which means clear waters, not too many nutrients or algae and sufficient oxygen at the bottom of the sea.

Our foundation is also an award-winning information provider and producer of maritime culture content. We have published dozens of books on the stories of the sea and organised numerous exhibitions and events. The basis of our operations is maritime art, maritime antiques and our antique map collection.

We want to share the story of the sea, the sea that has acted as a bridge to the world for us Finns. Spreading the story and the history of the sea is important because it allows us to understand why the Baltic Sea, along with its unique qualities, must be conserved. The diversity of our operations makes us unique: we are working for the good of the Baltic Sea for future generations.


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Select the desired location on the map or make an instant donation. If you wish, you will receive a printable diploma for your donation. You can also make a donation using our MobilePay number 74792. With your help, we are realising concrete Baltic Sea conservation operations as well as making sure that the stories of the sea will be preserved for future generations.


Found your own Baltic Sea team and recruit others to raise more for your team’s donation pot. The team could be organised for a holiday collection or corporate donation, for example.